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Ssgt. Albert O. Nielson
1943 - 1950's
Served in
380th Bombardement Group - 5th Air Force

Going through Dad's papers and from what I know, here are the facts on my Dad. Use them in any way you can. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, moved back to his homeland Denmark as a baby. He wanted to come back to this country very badly at age 16 he joined the Mercant Marines and worked his passage off that way. He stayed with a cousin when he arrived. Not sure what the next couple of years brought to him.

I know he enlisted in the Air Force, after training he was stationed in Australia. He was a member of the 380th Bombardier Group, affectionately known as the "Flying Circus". He was in the 529th and 531st Group. He was a Rear Gunner and a Radio Operator. He was awarded 2 Bronze Stars, Southwest Pacific Area. (New Guinea Campaign and New Britian Campaign. My Dad flew close to 40 combat missions on B 25 and B24 type air crafts. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement, while participating in aerial flights in the Southwest Pacific Area. This was from 21 Aug. to 11 Dec. 1943.

They participated in sustained operational activity against the enemy during which hostile contact was expected. Long range bombing missions against enemy airdromes, ind installations and attacks on enemy naval vessels and shipping. He showed outstanding courage, ability to his duty. On August 16, 1944 he was presented with his Distinguished Flying Cross by General Kenny. That medal and his others hung on his living room wall for the rest of his life. My Dad was released from service in 1945 but was recalled in 1951 and fought in the Korean War as well.

He did not talk much to me about his war years. A pity for me, I am learning much through his papers, I have them now as I lost mom last year and there were so many things to go through. He lost a lot of friends at that time in Australia. One particularly tugs at me, he called my Dad Swede cause he was from Denmark, my Dad called him Slim cause he was tall and lanky. Slim was shot down, for the rest of his life whenever my Dad heard the song "My Buddy' tears would fill his eyes , I knew what he was thinking about. He lived to be 75 years old,

The Distingusied Service Cross is etched on his Grave Marker, I hope he approves and knows how much my sister and I love him.

Arlene Giudice, Albert's daughter

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Shoulderpatch of the 380th Bombardement Group.

Albert with his team in front of their plane.

Albert with his team in front of their plane.

Albert's flight schedules