Shrouded in mist..
Pfc. William T. Miller
Date: 1943 - 1944
Location: Normandy, France, Holland
Unit: E Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne

Willaim T. Miller was killed on 20/9/44 at Son, Holland. He came from Kerrville, Texas, had red hair and his mother who was still writing to my aunt (Miss Norma Jean Loveday) in 1947, later moved to Dallas. 'Bill' Miller dropped in Normandy he gave my aunt his Combat Infantry Badge afterwards, which she sent to his mother in 1945.

My aunt met Bill Miller in Swindon at the 'Majestic' skating rink in Milton Road, this would be late 43. The family lived then at 24 Carr St., Swindon. Their relationship grew serious and planned to become engaged. My grandparents made many Americans welcome in their home and fed them and looked after them as best they could. I have letters to them from the parents of some of the troopers thanking them and our family for their kindness towards their sons. The soldiers wrote from Europe to my grandmother who was called Flo Loveday, they wrote to her as 'Mom'.

Bill Miller not on the Easy roster prior to D-Day, but did the mission, so perhaps another 101 regiment or HQ company man. He did the Holland Jump and is listed as 20th September killed.

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Personal Photographs Shoulderpatch of the 101st Airborne.

A picture made by Bill of Norma Loveday the lady who Bill met in England.

A letter from Bill Miller written in 1944

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