Going home via the Autobahns
David M. "Buck" Rogers
Date: At the end of the war
Location: Germany
Unit: Hqs. Co. 1st Bn - 506th PIR, 101st

Below are three more pictures. One is the house me and two other Sergeants occupied during our stay in Berchtesgaden.

The second one is what you see as you enter through the front door. If you observe closely, you can see the outline of a pulldown stairway to the attic. This attic, as well as the basement, was filled with fine wine, cognac, canned food and sausages.

The other picture is of me, half stewed probably, with bottles of wine and cognac on the window sill.

Personal Photographs

Below are more pictures, these were taken at the end of the war, I was riding in the back of an Army truck so the are not to sharp.

When going home via the new German Autobahn, "Buck" spotted a lot of German planes abandoned at the side of the road.

David Rogers

Probably a Messerschmitt Me-410B left in a hurry at the end of the war.

Long strecthed higway as far as the eye could see.

President Eisenhower started our interstate system of cross-country highways in the 1950s. They are almost exact copies of the autobahn.


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