Forrest recalls...
Corporal Forrest Guth
Date: 1942 - 1945
Location: Normandy, France, Holland, Bastogne, Belgium, Germany
Unit: E Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne

I volunteered in the Paratroops in 1942 with 2 of my friends. The two buddies I enlisted with were lifelong buddies and we all were lucky to get home since we all had injuries. Carl Fenstermaker died about 19 years ago, but Rod Strohl lives nearby and we see each other frequently. We reported to Camp Toccoa where we formed Easy Company, 506 Parrchute Infantry.

After 14 weeks of strenous training, we made a forced march of 117 miles to Atlanta, Ga. then had parachute my silver wings. Other training in Camp McCall, N.C. and the mountains of Tennessee. After 1 year in the states, we were shipped overseas to England for another year for further training with other allied troops.

We jumped into Normandy June 6,' 1944, fought through Carentan. Returned to England for more training for the jump into Holland. I was injured and shipped back to England . Hospitalized several weeks, then, back to my unit in France after Mourmelon December 15, got hurry-up call to go to Bastogne to stop the push of the Germans. There was fierce fighting and lots of casualties around Bastogne and it was COLD!

Patton opened relief route and brought in troops. We went to Hagenau to fend off another another push of the Germans. I drew a 45 day trip home . The war was over before I could rejoin the troops, so had to wait until my company came back . I was discharged Oct. 1945 ,went to college and earned a Bachelor and Masters Degree, retired from teaching after 30 years.

My hobbies are wood working and old car restorations. I have a wife, 2 children and 2 grandaughters.

Forrest Guth

Personal Photographs Shoulderpatch of the 101st Airborne.

A very well known picture of Forrest

E Company blending in with the local population, Normandy, France. Forrest is standing on the far left.

From left to right: Pfc, Forrest L. Guth, Pvt. Francis J. Mellet, Pvt. David E. Morris, Pfc. Daniel B. West, Sgt. Floyd M. Talbert and Pfc. Campbell T. Smith in this famous picture in the local square at Ste Marie du Mont, Normandy, France

Pfc. Forrest L. Guth on the road to Carentan, Normandy, France

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