Merle Lauer, a combat medic
Sgt T4 Merle Lauer
Date: 1942 - 1945
Location: Normandy, Holland, Bastogne
Unit: Rgt HQ, 506th, 101st Airborne, Medical Detachment

Born in march of 1921 in Hooverville, Pennsylvania. I joined the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment in Toccoa Georgia in 1942. Back then Toccoa was still known as Camp Toombs.

As an original member of the 506th, i got to serve in a number of different companies such as the Rgt HQ and Service Company. My last assignment with the regiment was that of combat medic.

As i took part in every campaign of the 506th, the invasion in Normandy and the liberation of The Netherlands were among them.

In Holland, i remember we landed in Son on September the 17th 1944 on a sunday afternoon. Went the whole way through Holland. Spent some time in little place called Uden where i met a lot of really nice people. In Nijmegen (Holland) we assisted the British troops in getting their men across to our side.

During the Battle of the Bulge campaign (Belgium) i was awarded the Purple Heart twice for being wounded on two seperate occassions.

When the war was over and i was back home again, I joined the US Army Reserves where i was commissioned as an officer.

Merle Lauer

Personal Photographs

101st Airborne
Shoulderpatch of the 101st Airborne.

Merle here with his wife Pearl,
after the war ended in the fall of 1945


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