With daugthers' love...
2nd Lt. Theodore Rowman
Date: 1942 - 1944
Location: Normandy, Nancy, France
Unit: C Troop, 106th Cavalry Recon. Squadron, 106th Cavalry

My Father, Theodore Rowman, was born in Nashua, N.H. on 6/19/1944. He served in the Army in 1937 thru 1939 and left as a Corporal. In 1940 he married Marjorie Goodale, also from Nashua N.H. In 1941 I was born. He went back into the Army September 1942 in Manchester N.H. He attended Officers Candidate School at Ft. Knox, KY. and graduated in March 1943.

He was then sent to Camp Polk, LA. for special training. I was at Camp Polk with my Mother and Dad til he was sent to London in June 1944. When he went back into the service he was with the 8th Armored Division, 88th Cavalry Recn. Sqd. When his special training was completed he was assigned as a Replacement Officer for the 106th Cavalry, 106th Cavalry Recn. Sqd., Troop C. He was killed in combat on 10/15/1944, in the Foret de Parroy, in the vicinity of Nancy, France.

He is at the Epinal Cemetary in France and on the Purple Heart Honor Roll for his service. Nashua NH put up his name on a special WWII monument in 1953 and soon he will also be be honored at the WWII Monument in Washington DC. He will always be in my heart.

Personal Photographs

Patch of the 106th Cavalry

One of the 106th Cavalry favourite vehicles the M8 Armored Car.

Theodore in his uniform wearing the 8th Armored division patch with pride!


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